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I thought it would be insightful to give you the reader a bit more information about who you may be investing your trust and time with. So I decided to create a blog that will give you some infromation about me and eventually as time goes on I can add information about estimating, drone survey's and general roofing product information that may be of use to you.

About Me

I am a family man who is engaged, have 2 kids from previous relationships and have a 3rd on the way (8th May is the due date), I am currently trying to get into golf although I seem to really struggle with this and to do 18 holes under 110 seems like a long way off! I try to keep fit with jogging and the occasional cycle both of which is a fair weather sport to me, this may explain why I struggle to stay in shape! We also have a Staffordshire bull terrior and he makes sure I get some form of exercise.

Work History

I have been in the roofing industry since 2006 and It was something I stumbled into and came to enjoy working with the people around me being the customers and colleagues. It was a good few years until I became interested in what a roof estimate is and what is involves. I would watch the estimator work out the area from drawings and once he had finished I would then try to replicate them without his workings to see how I got on. I found this took a long time to grasp so decided to spend some evenings with a customer learing how they produce a take off. Once I got the hang of estimating and worked out that is is generally squares and triangles I would then ask to produce a take off for the customer and him compare from his workings which seemed to work well for both of us. I have since found a software that I now use to assist with my roof estimates and this is much easier as I do not have loads of sheets of papper dotted around the house and it can all be stored on a computer.

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